Doug Sundling

Doug Sundling has been involved with sweatlodges since 1986. From 1987 to 2008, he assisted or coordinated the sweatlodge ceremonies for the Pagan Spirit Gathering, bringing the sweatlodge to Wisteria in 1997 with the relocated PSG. Since then, he has constructed and maintained a sweatlodge site - its frame, blankets, and other equipment - at Wisteria. While he has facilitated sweatlodge ceremonies at various other festivals, he currently has been focused on facilitating sweatlodges for events held at Wisteria, including the 2010 and 2011 Starwoods. He authored the book, The Doors Artistic Vision (1996), which has been reprinted under several different titles, such as The Doors Ultimate Companion. He appeared as one of the key commentators in the assiduous 2009 documentary The Doors, From The Outside.

Death and a Bogus Sweat Lodge

Arizona, October 2009: how Death became a participant and not just a metaphor TIME: Based on the investigation interviews and evidence gathered by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office of Arizona, a look at how self-help entrepreneur James Ray chose to disregard inherent safety features of traditional sweat lodge ceremonies and to add risks beyond any traditional sweat lodge when he designed and executed a sweat ceremony for over 50 people. In doing so, Mr. Ray designed an extreme sweat endurance event that would invite death to be a participant and to not just be a metaphor. Trial for 3 counts of manslaughter filed against Mr. Ray began on March 1, 2011.

Silent Sweatlodge Orientation for Participants

If you wish to participate in the Silent Sweatlodge, you must attend this orientation. The Silent Sweatlodge will be silent - no voices. We will discuss a general overview of the sweatlodge and the manner and signals that will be used during this ceremony.

Sweat Lodge Orientation for Participants

A general overview of a sweat Lodge shall be presented. We will discuss fundamentals of traditional sweat Lodges, share personal experiences with sweat lodges, and advise how to prepare for the evening sweat lodge. Open to anyone, but those who wish to participate in a sweat lodge need to attend this gathering. The Orientation Workshop will take place on Wednesday and Friday at 11:30 AM at Sweat lodge Site.

The Artistic Vision of THE DOORS

Why do The Doors continue to survive? Not only survive, but also thrive? Despite Jim Morrison's notoriety, the legacy of a dead rock idol can't be responsible for the lasting power of The Doors. Like a fiery and intense burst of brilliance, like so many artistic spirits who choose not to burn the candle at both ends but with a blowtorch in the middle, Jim, though very gifted, would pay a dear price for being a jerk. That doesn't keep albums selling. The music of The Doors grew out of their artistic vision, a vision that keeps their music alive. The group composed six original studio albums, each a well-rendered portrait of their artistic vision that opened doors for both reaction and transformation. Art is revolutionary; unfortunately, most of what is called "art" nowadays is merely something being marketed for consumption, not transformation. We will share insights about the artistic vision The Doors portrayed in their six original studio albums.

The Silent Sweatlodge Ceremony

This will be a traditional sweatlodge ceremony that is silent – no voices. Number of participants and format for sweatlodge will be determined at the 11:30 AM Orientation Workshop on the day of the ceremony, Saturday. All participants must attend this orientation.

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony

The cycle of birth and death fuels the flame of life. Nature is a process of seeking stability and equilibrium – of maintaining balance. A strategy for existence in such a world is movement through the cycles, built upon the four quarters of the directions, the elements and the seasons. Such a strategy is fundamental to traditional sweat lodges. Rather than emotional questioning that follows a reaction, one learns to take action with emotional clarity. The sweat lodge is a ceremony of cleansing, of renewal. It is a ceremony to ascertain balance. A sweat lodge ceremony is shaped both by the past and the present. Individual freedom in belief is woven with traditional ritual methods. Your spiritual sincerity is the most important thing you can bring to a sweat lodge. No Drugs or Alcohol; just the four Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. Number of participants and format for sweat lodge will be determined at the 11:30 AM Orientation Workshop on the day of the ceremony, Wednesday or Friday. The Sweat Lodge will be held Wednesday and Friday at dusk (time will be determined at Orientation).

















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