Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh Vitimus uses ancient wisdom and spiritual technologies with NLP and hypnosis to create the greatest self-empowerments possible as well as his own unique Hypno-Art. He has studied multiple cultures and holds the highest initiatory rank in Haitian Vodou, that of Houngan Asogwe. He is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and a long time Tarot diviner, and liscensed hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Combining this ancient wisdom and techniques with modern science and understanding of the mind, Andrieh teaches a system of non-dogmatic spiritual empowerment called Reality Art.

He is a sought after expert on metaphysics and his first book, Hands On Chaos Magic is the internal go to guide for non-dogmatic active and goal orientated spirituality.

5-Minute Powerhouse Invocations

Using the power of the Mind, Andrieh Vitimus will take volunteers and perform very powerful invocations of their chosen entity using techniques from Hands On Chaos Magic, NLP, energy work and hypnosis. The workshop will cover all the pre-requisites for a safe, powerful, and transformative experience along with the techniques. This powerful opportunity will allow volunteers to experience a powerful communion, which can drastically change their personal reality in a few moments.

MahaGanapatiHomam Ritual

Vedic Astrologers claim that we are currently in the Age of Darkness. In the Age of Darkness, Fire remains the only pure element. This fire ritual purifies the energy systems of all participants using the fire to burn through impurities in their naddisand open each person up to their own Kundalini as well as their purpose. Andrieh presents a reduced complexity Fire Purification with Lord Ganesh that has been extensively perfected. Watch the obstacles melt away, as we call Lord Ganesh into the flames of our transformation. This powerful transformation can start the swift upward spiral of a better life.

What is Chaos Magic?

Every wonder what is this whole chaos magic thing off the Internet is? Andrieh Vitimus goes over some of the history, attitudes and general point of view of chaos magic. Misconceptions of this extremely difficult path will be discussed as well as what it actually is about. Chaos as a “negative” concept is not the same as the mathematical/physics based concepts that inspired this attitude toward magic. Another similar way to term these ideas is post-modern magic. Chaos is not the same as the "negative" concept that most people assume it is. Chaos is the mathematical/physics based concepts behind chaos mathematics and the Greek concept of formlessness that the world is created from. There is no system of magic that comprises chaos magic; there is no set of beliefs that is chaos magic. There is only an attitude toward magic, which encourages play, experimentation, and verification. Another similar way to term these ideas is post-modern magic. To see how that works in practice, come to the experience.

















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