Lyrus Landholder

Lyrus Landholder has studied and practiced many paths of Magick for over twenty years, from Wicca to Thelema, Tantra to Kabbalah. He is an Elder and past High Priest of the Circle of the Sacred Grove (Church of Pantheist Wicca), and a founding member of the Chameleon Club. He is a fine cellist, composer and arranger, with a B.A. in Music. Lyrus was trained in Yoga at the Light of Yoga Society in Cleveland, and has been practicing Yoga for 28 years. He has been presenting Morning Attunements at Starwood and WinterStar for over 16 years.

Solar Living

This workshop will detail Lyrus and Nema's foray into the realms of solar power, how it works, and mistakes not to make. It will include a guided tour for anyone who wants to make the hours-long drive to our stately palatial manor house. Lyrus and his co-presenter Brian Christoffer (AKA Ogre) will bring a complete solar powered outfit for camping which will be raffled off. It is suitable for running a radio/CD player, a small suite of lights, or anything else that strikes your fancy. They will also sell a complete set of plans for this outfit for anyone interested in making their own.

















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