2012: Year of The Awakening

Presented by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart.

As the popular mythology and anticipation around the year 2012 builds, with speculations and predictions ranging from Judgment Day to the destruction of the planet, magickal people around the world are focusing on the pivotal moment of Winter Solstice to catalyze a global Awakening of planetary consciousness.

Gaea, or Mother Earth, is the oldest and most universally-acknowledged religious archetype in all of human experience, intuitively recognized throughout the world even by small children. Over 40 years ago, Oberon had a vision that eventually became known as the Gaea Thesis: that all life on Earth comprises the body of a single living being—Mother Earth (Gaea) Herself. In positing Gaea as a single vast planetary organism, we cannot avoid the implication that such a complex entity must also possess a concomitant awareness, sentience, indeed—consciousness.

Teilhard de Chardin proposed in The Phenomenon of Man a future coalescence of planetary consciousness which he called the "Omega Point." Perhaps the emergence and rapid evolution of the Internet and World-Wide Web are already providing the seeds of a technological Noosphere of global consciousness through which this Awakening will inevitably manifest. We might equate such an event with the awakening of consciousness in our own minds, as the billions of neurons in our brains link up synergistically. Just so shall we participate in the Awakening of Gaea Herself. What shall we choose—Apocalypse or Apotheasis?

















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