A Feast of the Spirits - a Druidic Rite of Offering and Blessing

Presented by Ar nDraiocht Fein.

The Druids of Ar nDraiocht Fein invite you to join them in a rite intended to bring us closer to the spirits of the land on which we make our festival. We will set a feast of offering to the Landspirits, to the Beloved Dead and to the whole clan of the Gods and Goddesses. Within this host of spirits we will make a special offering to and invocation of the Queen of the Land the Sovereignty of the valley in which we light our fire. Participants will be led in a trance-vision to meet the Queen, and then we will share the bounty of the feast with one another and with the Gods and Spirits. Participants may want a chair or blanket for meditation, and are invited to bring a small offering of food or burnable items to give to the Fire of Sacrifice.

















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