Beginner and Intermediate Didgeridoo Workshop: Expressing Rhythms Through Breath and Sound

Presented by Jeremy Lembo.

Having roots in Australia, the Didgeridoo or Yidaki stems from the unique and timeless Aboriginal Culture. Thought to be one of the oldest musical instruments on the planet, the didgeridoo is used in gatherings called Corroboree to pass down stories often incorporating dance and song. The didgeridoo is traditionally made from different species of eucalyptus, which are hollowed out naturally by termites or white ants. Outside Australia, non-traditional didgeridoos are made from various woods, leather, ceramics, agave and synthetic materials. The drones, subtle sounds and rhythms produced by this instrument call us back, connecting our mind, body and spirit to the Earth.

Jeremy is pleased to offer an Intermediate workshop on how to play the Didgeridoo. If you are an experienced player and are able to circular breathe on a rudimentary level, we will take you one step further on your journey through sound. This highly motivational and interactive workshop will cover various topics including Basic and advanced droning, circular breathing, rhythmical breathing, vocal noises, harmonics, animal noises, rhythms, rhythms, rhythms, as well as how to care for your didgeridoo, choosing your didgeridoo and therapeutic uses. Jeremy will help you learn how to use your body in order to obtain more complex rhythms as well as improving your circular breathing skills. Jeremy's diverse backgrounds bring forth a balance of technical ability and spirituality, ultimately creating a heightened awareness of the mystical didgeridoo. Student didges will be available to play during the workshop and you get to keep it at the end of the workshop if you like, but if you have your own didgeridoo feel free to bring it.

















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