Dancing the Elements

Presented by Trisha.

Honoring the five natural elements through dance is a way of getting in touch with Nature and Spirit. It turns our awareness to the life force within and teaches us how to connect to it and to the divine. Dancing the elements will recognize five elements five powers, energies or qualities of the universe that affect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Water dancing is sensual, deep, soothing, mesmerizing and mysterious. Fire dancing is passionate, dynamic, proud, powerful and exciting. Earth dancing is robust, sensual, grounded, rhythmic and strong. Air dancing is light, flirtatious, whimsical, changeable and free. Spirit dancing is trance and transformative, introspective and soulful.

Dancing with the intention of touching various aspects of Natural elements brings energy and vigor to our life. It heightens intuition and our ability to balance these energies in our lives. No dance experience is necessary. Wear danceable clothes and bring a hip/coin scarf, a veil if you have one and something to sit on. Live drumming will accompany this workshop.

















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