Death, the Final Frontier? Exploring Near Death Experiences

Presented by L. Dawn Gardner.

For many people this is the great-unanswered question. However, there are those who walk among us who feel they know the answer because they have been there. Join with Dawn as she explores some of the collected data that answers the questions of what happens when we die. Does everyone experience the same thing? Does the circumstances of how, or even ones life style truly have an effect on the experience? Is there a Heaven, a Hell, or even a Summerlands? What qualifies Dawn to teach this course? She is one of the ones who have been there. This is Dawn's account of her personal near-death experience. How and why it happened. What is was like for Dawn between the worlds. She will talk about how NDE's correlate to one’s personal believes. This workshop ends with a lead NDE meditation to explore personal living death.

















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