Medicinal Plant Cultivation

Presented by Eatmore Toadstools.

This workshop will discuss the presenterís experience in growing medicinal plants, such as ginseng and goldenseal, from seed or rootlet, explaining that one may need completely different soils and methods depending upon the plantsí native habitat. There are also a large number of plants that have been used for dreams, visions, relaxation and altered states for a very long time in different parts of the world. A selection of these plants that may be legally possessed and cultivated, and have been grown by the workshop leader will also be covered. Some of these plants are easy to cultivate and others are not. Some are quite common in much of the US. Still others are rarely sold in the US as seeds or live plants. There are those about which little is known due to their existence in less inhabited parts of the globe and uses by indigenous peoples. A number of cultivated potted plants will be displayed for participants to examine and sources for seeds and plants will be provided. No medical advice will be offered.

















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