Movie Showing - Dark of Moon

Presented by Taliesin Govannon.

Dark of Moon is unique... a mainstream comedy featuring realistic Neo-Pagan and Earth-spiritual characters. Much has already been said about the film... especially since it features cameos by Chameleons like Ian Corrigan and Liafal (in fact, a major segment of the film was shot at their land, Tredara), as well as appearances by ADF and Starwood regulars like A.J. Gooch, Stephanie Gooch, and members of Stonecreed grove ADF. The film has garnered interest from the international Pagan community, with inquiries coming from as far away as Poland, Australia, and Israel!

Dark of Moon is a comedy about that point in your life when being an adult loses it's novelty, and you have to decide just what your adult persona is all about. It's about five friends dealing with love, life, careers, and their spirituality. A dialogue-based comedy in the tradition of Kevin Smith and Woody Allen, Dark of Moon is sure to entertain a Starwood crowd. Rated R for Language

















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