Presented by Bill Arthrell.

"Labor can exist without Capital, but Capital could never have existed without Labor. Hence, Labor is greatly superior of Capital." -Abraham Lincoln

"Repression". If labor is superior to capital then why has it been so tenaciously opposed in US history? Today, why is there SB 5 in Ohio and many other stringent laws in Wisconsin and other states against the basic right to unionize and collectively bargain?

As Cleveland history teacher Bill Arthrell says,"Everything comes from history. Everything is the way it is today for one reason and one reason only: history."

So, let's explore the tumultuous history of Labor vs. Capital in the home of world capitalism: the USA. Life in the textile mills for women in the early years of the Industrial Revolution; organizing early unions like the Knights of Labor; communists, socialists and anarchists take the risk and repression to organize; such turbulent strikes as Homestead, Ludlow, Pullman, etc and their violent suppression by the agents of capitalism: the state, police and national guard. The executions of labor and leftist activists like Sacco and Vanzetti, Joe Hill and the Rosenbergs.

Although everyone in the working class and middle class has benefited from the labor struggle, the corporate media has been able to discredit unions and politicians demonize them. So, now more than ever they're under attack. What you need to know and what you can do.

















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