Sphere-play and Dance: Two Courses in Contact Juggling (Fushigi) with Flec!

Presented by Flec S. Mindscape.

These classes are for anyone interested in learning contact juggling/manipulation, particularly the form known as Fushigi! These classes are for those who may never have heard of contact juggling, or have even picked up a contact juggling or fushigi sphere. Flec will show you how to start the process of teaching oneself the relaxing and magical art form. Classes are beneficial from beginner/intermediate levels all the way to 'well-seasoned' contact juggling skill levels! Classes are run in a lighthearted, focused, friendly environment, are very low stress/impact, and are very rewarding. A limited number of practice spheres will be available from Flec so come early to reserve yours! Session One: Single Ball Contact Juggling (Fushigi) Session Two: Multiple Ball Contact Juggling (Fushigi)

















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