The Art of Sitting Down and Shutting Up

Presented by Brad Warner.

This simple workshop will focus on the Shikantaza style zazen practice described by Master Dogen in his 13th century classic, Shobogenzo: Treasury of the True Dharma Eye. This unadorned, bare-bones style was said by Master Dogen to be the deepest and most profound of all meditation methods. Brad Warnerís second book was titled Sit Down and Shut Up because essentially thatís all there is to this style of meditation. There are no mantras, no breathing exercises, no visualizations, no one talking you through what youíre supposed to do. You just sit down and stay very still with your eyes open looking at the wall in front of you. There is a bit more to it, which will be explained in the workshop. But basically thatís it. Yet a mountain of literature has emerged from people who have dedicated themselves to this simple practice. In the time allotted for this workshop, Brad will attempt to explain why itís so incredibly profound and will allow for a few minutes of actual practice at the end. There will also be jokes.

















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