The Artistic Vision of THE DOORS

Presented by Doug Sundling.

Why do The Doors continue to survive? Not only survive, but also thrive? Despite Jim Morrison's notoriety, the legacy of a dead rock idol can't be responsible for the lasting power of The Doors. Like a fiery and intense burst of brilliance, like so many artistic spirits who choose not to burn the candle at both ends but with a blowtorch in the middle, Jim, though very gifted, would pay a dear price for being a jerk. That doesn't keep albums selling. The music of The Doors grew out of their artistic vision, a vision that keeps their music alive. The group composed six original studio albums, each a well-rendered portrait of their artistic vision that opened doors for both reaction and transformation. Art is revolutionary; unfortunately, most of what is called "art" nowadays is merely something being marketed for consumption, not transformation. We will share insights about the artistic vision The Doors portrayed in their six original studio albums.

















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