The Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Presented by Doug Sundling.

The cycle of birth and death fuels the flame of life. Nature is a process of seeking stability and equilibrium of maintaining balance. A strategy for existence in such a world is movement through the cycles, built upon the four quarters of the directions, the elements and the seasons. Such a strategy is fundamental to traditional sweat lodges. Rather than emotional questioning that follows a reaction, one learns to take action with emotional clarity. The sweat lodge is a ceremony of cleansing, of renewal. It is a ceremony to ascertain balance. A sweat lodge ceremony is shaped both by the past and the present. Individual freedom in belief is woven with traditional ritual methods. Your spiritual sincerity is the most important thing you can bring to a sweat lodge. No Drugs or Alcohol; just the four Elements Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. Number of participants and format for sweat lodge will be determined at the 11:30 AM Orientation Workshop on the day of the ceremony, Wednesday or Friday. The Sweat Lodge will be held Wednesday and Friday at dusk (time will be determined at Orientation).

















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