We welcome you to the Starwood Festival; a celebration of diversity and alternatives in belief systems, lifestyles, and spirituality. Here you will never find a struggle to define which truth is the "real" truth, but rather a community of explorers fresh from their many journeys through realms both alien and familiar, flush with discovery, eager to share the wisdom they have found. Here are the children of the quest, their vision neither obscured by the forest nor are their minds diverted by the numbering trees, but peering upward and outward in wonder, beyond the night sky to the distant stars themselves.

The Starwood Festival features over 15 performances of music, drumming, dance and theatre. Its a multiversity featuring over 150 classes, workshops and ceremonies offered by teachers from many fields, disciplines, traditions and cultures. It's a family-friendly camping event with tenting and hiking, a food court, co-op child care, a Kid Village and multimedia shows. Starwood is also a social event with costume parades, jam sessions, merchants, parties, all-night drumming and much more, including the blossom of our fest: our huge and infamous Bonfire!

WisteriaStarwood XXXII continues the famous Starwood tradition at our new home, Wisteria.

Check out our growing line-ups of speakers and bands, and you'll see we're continuing our tradition of excellence and diversity in entertainers and workshop presenters.


Starwood XXXI was a great time! Here are some reviews from around the 'Net.

Imagine drumming and dancing around a sparkling bonfire on a balmy warm Southern Ohio Summer night. That's Starwood XXXII.

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