Starwood On Stage

Starwood XXXII will feature another amazing lineup of world-class entertainment performing live on three stages!

Main Stage

Caffeina's Cosmic Cafe

Green Man Tavern

Starwood Radio

Don't forget to bring your radio! Starwood Radio broadcasts daily from 10am to 8pm during Starwood. Our mission is to provide information, news, announcements, workshop schedule updates, and weather EVERY 20 MINUTES or so during your Starwood day. In between those breaks you'll hear the broadest and most eclectic mix of music and mayhem on the radio! Rock, Metal, rap, 80's stuff, Trance, Electronica, Hippy jam bands, Ragas, chanting, World Music, Celtic & NeoPagan Folk & Folk-Rock, and Fusion. Starwood Radio: It's on!

This year's Starwood Radio lineup includes the broadcast talents of:

The PufferDome

Rising like Gaia's glowing nipple, the PufferDome is our own unique late night club and performance space.

On top of organizing and leading our Kid's Puppet Parade, James Barnes and his troupe Waking Dream bring us Audio Visual Multimedia Mayhem on and in the PufferDome each night!

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