Starwood Rituals

Magical and spiritual ceremonies and rituals have always been an important part of the Starwood Festival. They combine and raise the energies of the diverse attendees of the event to practical and celebratory purposes. This presents the rare opportunity in just a few short days to experience the workings of a number of different paths, facilitated by clergy, leaders and/or teachers from each. Besides the Starwood Opening and Closing Rituals and the Midnight Rituals, there are several offered during regular workshop periods throughout the event.

The Midnight Rituals

The Dionysus/Jim Morrison Ritual - Jason Mankey - Wednesday

For one night, allow yourself to be swept up in the mystery, might and magick that is Dionysus! Celebrate life through music, dance, love, and drink as we gather to worship the god of bards and bars. This is an interactive ritual, all set to the music of the Doors, full of poetry and motion. We'll also celebrate the bride of Dionysus, beautiful Ariadne - truly a Goddess and worthy of praise. Join us as we update the ancient rites for use in the 21st century.

Rafael's Fire - Starwood Drummers' Community - Thursday
Let us meet in the Circle of Ash and pay tribute to the passing of our friend Rafael in the manner in which he contributed to our festival on so many nights: a drumming fire circle of Middle-Eastern rhythms with plenty of belly-dancing and warm camaraderie! The Starwood Community of Drummers, led by Billy Woods, Alex Wedmedyk and Ed Haggard, will offer a drum on the Paw Paw Fire to send it to Rafael in the next world, and remember his spirit to the Starwood Fires of Wisteria.

Honoring the Magus: A Ritual to Dr. John Montanee, Drum Loa - Friday
An altar to Dr. John Montanee will be constructed and those attending will be invited to leave gifts. Dust and waters from the Doctor's gravesite will be combined with his signatures and documents from his life and used to invite this grand loa to enter and head, heart, and hands of the drummers and their drums heads. This ritual is meant to offer honor and respect to the good Doctor; to invite him to rejoin the community of living drummers...not to ask anything of him. It is a celebration of Dr. John's transition from "patron of ritual drummers (New Orleans Voodoo Tarot; Martinie and Glassman, 1992)" to drum loa. Attendance at an earlier session is helpful in the performance of this ritual though not necessary. Please bring any percussion instruments you may have. Dancers are very welcome.

Here are just some of the other rituals and ceremonies, or workshops that include rituals, offered at Starwood this year:

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