Mystic Forest

Enter a mystic realm of enchanting chords and pulsing rhythm that penetrate the very fabric of the material universe.

Mystic Forest's music is truly a magical experience that speaks to the soul of the listener. Each performance is a singular occurrence, unrehearsed and free-form. The musicians communicate with sound that transcends language. Samuel Salsbury, Douglas Bischoff, Josh Sherman and Dana Piper illustrate the phenomenon where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When these four gifted artists collaborate, the synergy is powerful and captivating.

A live performance is not to be missed! Mystic Forest features a unique mix of traditional and exotic instruments to create its ethereal sound. Ancient yet timeless, Mystic Forest travels like the wind, touching the haunting strings of Samuel's violin, the liquid and entrancing echo of Josh's tabla, the exotic rhythm & tribal fusion of Dana's drums, and the mesmerizing vibration of Doug's didgeridoo. This collaboration has been carefully designed with sounds that send the body on a trancelike journey.

Samuel Salsbury - Samuel went from lead guitar in a preteen rock band to conservatory studies in classical violin at the Cleveland Institute of Music; he now embraces a wide variety of genres. Samuel has performed with a multitude of groups, including national and regional Kirtan groups.

Douglas Bischoff - Doug has toured the United States and abroad as a multi-instrumentalist for over a decade. He is best known for his energetic guitar, bagpipe and didgeridoo performances with Celtic Rock headliner Coyote Run. Doug weaves the hypnotic drone of the didgeridoo with driving rhythms that echo the pulse of life, creating a soundscape that transports the listener.

Dana Piper - Dana has studied African, Middle Eastern and Latin drumming with local and international teachers. In addition to having played in both concert and recording studio settings, he has facilitated drum circles and taught traditional drumming for nearly two decades.

Josh Sherman - Josh is a hand percussionist who specializes in Tabla and East-Indian rhythms. He has studied privately with several leading Tabla masters, in addition to his regular gurus, who he has been honored to perform with on many occasions. He also performs solo, with master-musicians from Africa, and with a variety of music ensembles.

















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