Witch Disco

Witch Disco is an eclectic psychedelic space-rock band that evolved out of the band formerly known as Einstein's Secret Orchestra, a Starwood Festival and WinterStar Symposium favorite. The band is comprised of seasoned musicians of diverse backgrounds and experience, ranging from the symphony hall to the theater to the blues club to the festival stage. The current roster includes guitarist Steev Inglish, formerly know as Mr. Downchild; drummer Bob Mozik from Einstein's Secret Orchestra, the 14th Floor, and Microdot; violinist Michele George, from Einstein's Secret Orchestra, the Tellers, the Tim Blake Experience, and the Apollo String Quartet; cellist and keyboard player Jeffrey Schimelpfenig, from the Apollo String Quartet and the Mansfield Symphony; and bassist extraordinaire Derek Poindexter, from the Waynes, the Tellers, and Plasma.

















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