Maia Alexandra

Maia Alexandra is a professional Bellydancer and Fire Entertainer based in Buffalo, New York. She is a highly sought after performer and teacher, with appearances across the Nation. Her dance training spans over twenty five years and is extremely diverse, including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Hula Hoop as well as her love for Oriental Dance. Maia is a big believer in the power of breath and love in the creation of outstanding soulful dancing.

Belly Dance 101

Come explore all the beautiful ways your body can move in this ancient, sensual art form! Figure 8s, Circles, Undulations and Shimmies, this workshop will teach the fundamentals of belly dance movement. A discussion about correct posture to keep your body protected will lead into a fluid warm up. Basic techniques will be covered, ending with a follow along where you will be belly dancing! A gentle cool down concludes the class. Handouts included.

Contact Improvisation

The art of Contact Improvisation is about learning to trust in touch. Explore breath and space within movement! Beginning in small groups and progressing to larger,the whole becomes more than merely the sum of its parts. Learn how lovely the human form can become in a loving, supportive environment.

Moving from a Spiritual Core

When is movement more than just a body? Beginning with a short guided meditation, this workshop will focus on using your breath, heart, and intention to drive your body, using dance as a tool of a divinely guided spiritual practice. All paths welcomed with open arms.

















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