Matt Dings

Matt Dings has participated in many sports and physical activities throughout his school career and life experiences that have helped him hone his hand to eye and, in this case, foot to eye coordination. His athletic background and experience with communal group settings began with Tae Kwan Do and soccer, and in high school he became a three sport letter-man participating in track and field, football, and wrestling. Matt has been juggling the Hacky Sack since grade school; he quickly realized this is not only an amazing tool for obtaining a simple physical activity to occupy time, but it provides exercise and helps with coordination skills. It's also a lot of FUN!

The Hacky Sack Workshop

This workshop will provide a forum to learn new tricks and games to further one's individual enjoyment of playing hacky sack. It will provide a short intro covering basic techniques and equipment needed, and a supply of hacky sacks will be provided. Matt will teach various tricks, then allow attendees to share any tricks of their own. He will also break the class into different groups and share several games using the hacky sack.

















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