Robin Jaeckel

Robin Jaeckel is the owner and principle artist at Henna Rising in Rochester, NY. She holds a degree in Arts Administration and has taken her business experience and knowledge gained from running a software company for 13 years and being the director of a non profit arts center towards her own endeavors with Henna Rising. She is certified through the ICHNA (the international certification of natural henna artists: a peer board of Henna Artists).

Henna 101

Learn about the history, geography, culture and use of henna. In this workshop we will talk about where henna comes from, how it has been used of the course of time, and how to make and apply. Robin will demonstrate henna application, and each participant will receive a small henna design.

Henna in Practice

In this workshop we will talk about henna from an artist's point of view. We will talk about different application on different materials such as Drum Heads, Fabric and wood. Each participate will be able to play with henna and get personal instruction on applications and techniques.

















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