Nema encountered the works of Aleister Crowley in the early 1970s and became a member of Kenneth Grant's Typhonian Order for several years. During the same time period, she practiced group rituals with other magickians in Cincinnati, Ohio, and became a member of Bate Cabal, publisher of the Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick. Nema is an experienced magickian and mystic, and the author of Maat Magick and The Way of Mystery. The second book has recently been republished as Wings of Rapture by Black Moon Publishing. She is an Elder and High Priestess of the Circle of the Sacred Grove, Church of Pantheist Wicca, and an initiate of Adi Nath Tantra. She and her husband Lyrus live in southeastern Ohio, in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Nema is a founding member of the Horus-Maat Lodge; information about the HML is at

A Greater Feast: A Rite of Passage

"A feast for fire and a feast for water; a feast for life and a greater feast for death!"
- Liber AL vel Legis Ch.II v.41

There are times when magick must be done invisibly and effectively in crowded conditions. A good mask to use is prayer, particularly during deaths, births and weddings. Ceremony eases transitions while it transmits a power to the participants, a power called Tao-Teh, prana, shakti, mana, grace, etc. When the 'congregation' (including the dying Goer) consists of Magi, then the ritual can be done aloud, with gestures, dance, chanting, and other spiritual aids. When your companions are strangers, or are known to you as uninitiated, you can speak silently in your mind and imagine your movements, sounds, and surroundings. This will not only be a rite of passage ritual for, in this case, the passage from life to death, but a demonstration of how to perform a powerful magickal ceremony while in full view of non-participants who might react negatively should they perceive it was taking place in their midst. (This workshop and ritual is dedicated to Chameleon Bruce Florist.)

















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