Lynndale "Simba" Smith founded the American African Drummers in 2007 as a platform to spring off a drum school. Raised in Knoxville Tennessee, where he learned the art of communication within African music between drummers and dancers, Simba began his drumming career in 1990 attending classes at Knoxville College led by Kuumba Watoto. He became the lead drummer for Kuumba Watoto Drum and Dance Company, the youngest lead drummer from the inner city kids that the company had instructed. Shortly after completing high school, Simba began teaching the kids of his former elementary school, and was offered a job to teach full time. He went on to teach at other inner city schools, pushing the numbers to students taught to over seven hundred.

Simba has had the chance to study with some prominent drummers from Africa including Famadou Konate, Bolokada Conde, Koungbana Conde, Ally Sillah, and Sundita Keita. Some of his past engagements include Kuumba Fest, Jumbolaya Fest, Goombay Fest, Rooster Fest, Black Arts Fest, Better Family Life Convention in St. Louis, and African Street Fests in Nashville, Jackson, Atlanta, and Lansing, Michigan. He has accompanied several groups including The Love Drums, Nature Drummers, The Village Drum and Dance, Capital Fresh and many more local acts. Simba loves teaching, performing and composing music, he is deeply rooted in the African style of music and he enjoys watching it come together.

Djembes and Dunduns for Everyone!

Co-presented with Ed Haggard.

Come experience the West African style of amazing triple dundun rhythms & bells with djembe accompaniment and blazing soloing. Learn simple parts that go together for dance-your-ass-off results! Simba and Edji are seasoned performers and teachers with a huge love for it. Bring your drums and get off on it! Dancers welcome to help juice it up.

















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