Matthew Stewart

Matthew Stewart has been studying and practicing herbalism for over 20 years. He has studied with the East-West school of Herbology, and specializes in European, Chinese, Ayurvedic, Shamanic, and Folk Medicines. He is member of the American Herbalist Guild and is well known through out the NE Ohio Pagan community as being adept at both magickal & medicinal herbalism. Matthew is a 3rd degree high priest from a Neo-Celtic Wicca tradition. Having been elevated in 1992, he has studied many traditions of magick and faith. Included in his studies are Afro-Caribbean, Egyptian, Sumerian, & Hekatian, to name just a few. He has been teaching, doing workshops, and holding seminars for over 20 years. Matthew and his wife Melissa are the owners of Spirit Apothecary in Bedford, Ohio, one of the nation's premier botanicas. In addition to Spirit Apothecary, Matthew and Melissa are the local coordinators for Cleveland Pagan Pride Day, which has put on some of the largest pagan gatherings in North East Ohio.

Majikal/Medicinal Herbalism

Many people have found their way back to the basics using herbs for health and wellness. What people fail to realize, is that most of these herbs are available locally, both cultivated & wild. Matthew will teach about common and esoteric herbals, ways to prepare them, and how the medicinal and the majikal can not be separated.

Shamanic/Ethnobotanical Herbs

From the dawn of man, humans have used herbs and herbal preparations to expand consciousness. In this workshop, Matthew will cover ancient to modern civilizations' love/hate relationship with conscience expanding herbs. He will touch on readily available botanicals, and ways to open pathways within the mind and spirit.

















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