Jason Stillwagner

Jason Stillwagner was born into an outdoor family. His father was already the assistant scoutmaster when he was born so he grew up in the scout troop learning all the outdoor skills along with learning to talk and walk. Along with this his mother was teaching him the fine arts of painting and drawing. His parents raised him with a deep reverence for nature. One favorite quote of his father is " Nature expresses the glory of the Divine more purely than anything else." By the time he was 12 he was taking part in "survival campouts" with the scouts and orienteering competitions.He has honed both his artistic skills, and his survival skills throughout his adult life adding new skills along the way. Today he is an artist who lives on his ancestral land in Rittman, Ohio in a multi generational household that raises most of its own food and still enjoys outdoor activities with his 82 year old father and his children.

Basic Lashing

Have you ever spent an hour tying up your tarp only to have it sail away at the slightest breeze? Or have you ever woken up to find that your tent has become a lake because of a tarp failure? In this workshop, experienced outdoorsman Jason will show you how to master the use of rope while camping, as well as how to use what you have around you to make the ideal camp. He'll wrap things up with a demonstration on how to create a camp bench using just sticks and string, which will then be donated to the Paw-Paw Patch.

Dutch Oven Baking

Throw away the peanut butter & jelly and ramen noodles... it's time to learn how to cook and eat well while camping! In this workshop, Jason will go over the nuts and bolts of baking in a Dutch oven... Building the fire, mixing ingredients, prepping the oven, and best of all... enjoying the spoils. Furthermore, he'll give tips on finding the right Dutch oven, as well as basic care and maintenance.

















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