United Spacerangers Association

The United Spacerangers Association is an organization focused on uniting humans through sustainable living practices, the arts and entertainment, spiritual and scientific study, as well as community and individuality. By keeping the community's mind open, we nurture a system that encourages all to experience a diversity of cultures and belief systems, fostering support for each other's personal search for enlightenment.

Eat Out at the G-Spot -or- TV Dinner

Join your SpaceRangers at the infamous G-Spot for a full-service, white tablecloth, potluck feast. After the opening circle, reunite with ACE members, Starwood Yahoo newsgroup, and fellow SpaceRanger friends, old and new! World Re-Premier of Ninja TV at dusk!

The SpaceStation Blackout

Lets turn it up a notch - lazer blade the night away with three world-class, homegrown, Cleveland DJ's. Flow3rMant1s, Glisten and KookAnoN fill your space with dubstep, glitch hop and space disco.

The Official Re-Do at the G-Spot

Share, care and celebrate as we Eat Out at the G-Spot once again. "We've got ourselves an official do-over, folks." A potluck feast in every sense of the word. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!

















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