Harvey Wasserman

Harvey Wasserman is a founder of the global grassroots movement against atomic power. In 1973 he helped coin the phrase NO NUKES, for which he's also helped lead the surge for a green-powered Earth. His SOLARTOPIA! is the first holistic vision of what a renewable-powered planet will look like. His SOLARTOPIA! GREEN-POWER HOUR is the first radio show devoted entirely to a green-powered Earth. Harvey also helped break the major stories on the theft of the 2004 election in Ohio. He edits the NukeFree.org website, and his political commentaries appear throughout the web at www.freepress.org, commondreams, counterpunch, alternet and more. Harvey's PASSIONS OF THE POTSMOKING PATRIOTS by "Thomas Paine" portrays George Washington as a gay potsmoker, and breaths life into the fact that our founders all raised hemp and would be horrified to hear that it is somehow illegal.

Fighting Cancer Naturally

Cancer is a global plague, with as many as half the American public destined to suffer from it. But the "cure" of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery might sometimes be worse than the disease. As someone who has confronted the "Big C" personally, we will welcome everyone's individual stories and investigate natural-based holistic means of approaching wellness and fighting disease.

Passions of the Potsmoking Patriots: a Drama in Many Acts

The infamous, hilarious mini-play by "Thomas Paine" portraying George Washington as a gay pot smoker will be performed. If you are an interested thespian, please apply. Scripts will be provided, but you may email solartopia@me.com in advance for a pdf of the text. It's your great opportunity to become a founding father/mother.

Will Obama Get Us to Solartopia?

With a presidential election coming up, we must evaluate our progress toward a green-powered Earth. Has Barack Obama helped or hurt us? How would getting him re-elected make a difference? And in the wake of Fukushima, where are we going with energy & the environment no matter who is president?

















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