Joost van der Leij

Joost van der Leij is a Dutch philosopher and author in the field of the Ennegream and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is the author of the books You, Unlimited: Mind Reading the Masses with NLP, and Joost Being Bullied: Helping Teenage Kids Deal with Bullying. He's best known for the links he established between the Enneagram, the personality disorders of the World Health Organization (WHO) ICD-10 classification and the theory of psychological personality known as the Big Five. We are proud and honored to have him again as our guest from the Netherlands.

Become a Hypnotist in One Hour

Hypnosis is, like meditation, one of the processes whereby people go into a profound trance. In a trance they are able to demonstrate hypnotic phenomena that people are unable to perform in the waking state. In this workshop you will learn how to hypnotize someone, and demonstrate the hypnotic phenomena of arm catalepsy, in which someone's arm is so light that one is able to keep it in the air without effort. Furthermore, you will be hypnotized yourself and experience a hypnotic trance and arm catalepsy for yourself.

Neurogram I

There are nine personality types in the Enneagram to choose from to find the one that suits you best. Finding your type will give you the necessary insight to transfer your weak, negative sides or traps into powerful and positive personality characteristics. The Enneagram teaches you how you can diminish stress, relax more, and feel more satisfied and happy by avoiding your cardinal sin and stressing your cardinal virtue. Finally, it's much easier to relate to others when you understand the individual perspectives from which you each see the world because of your Enneagram types.

The disadvantage of the Enneagram is that it has no scientific base, so it has been sensationalized in lo-brow media, distorting its validity. This is why Joost modified the Enneagram and developed the Neurogram. Given the fact that, at heart, the Big Five is the reduction of all personality characteristics to five basic principles, it is also possible to relate the Enneagram to the Big Five. Making use of the links between the Big Five, the structure of the brain, and the effect of neurotransmitters and the Ennegram, Joost came upon the Neurogram giving it ipse facto a scientific base. In this workshop, you will set yourself the task to learn: 1) Insight into the Neurogram type best suited to you; 2) Reducing stress and relaxing more on the basis of your own personality type; and 3) Replacing your cardinal sin with your cardinal virtue, thus avoiding problems and leading a happier life.

Neurogram II

Once you have found your own personality type in the Neurogram I workshop, you can broaden your horizon and start to learn about other people's Neurogram types. Being able to recognize someone's personality type brings a lot of advantages. For once, you are able to see when someone is in stress and steer that person towards relaxation. You are able to switch to the perspective of the other person so you communicate better by taking his point of view. Most importantly, you know what motivates him and what he values; and when you take those two things into account, you will be in a much better position to positively influence him.

















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