Kurt Forsthoefel

Kurt S. Forsthoefel is a founder of Dance Your Soul and INNOV8, LLC. After four years of attending free-form dances in Northern California (Sweat Your Prayers in Sausalito, CA, Dance Journey in Berkeley, CA and Ecstatic Dance in Oakland, CA), Kurt was inspired to create a meditative and spiritual "dance journey" event in NE Ohio. In mid 2009 Kurt met Linda Dempsey who was facilitating Matrix in Motion (a free-form dance/movement) in the Cleveland area. Together, they created Dance Your Soul, a free-form dance community in the Akron/Cleveland area, beginning October 2009. Kurt created INNOV8, LLC, which produces, promotes & creates Dance Your Soul and other innovative dance/music/movement events, and is contributing to the promotion & support of the band Mystic Forest at Starwood 2012!

Dance Your Soul

Join us for a celebration of community and individual spirit in this eclectic, meditative, spiritual, joyful and healing dance movement! If you desire to create your own dance, generate your own style and be alive with an amazing community of like-minded souls, then join us for Dance Your Soul! Dance Your Soul is your own unique creation on the dance floor. It's a way to express ourselves through movement, dance and meditation. This dance/movement is freestyle in nature and will allow you to follow your own journey and create a meditative, spiritual dance in a heartfelt community.

Dance Your Soul begins with introductions, brief announcements and then go straight into the music. The music is specifically designed to take you on your own personal journey. There are no guided instructions during the dance, just a very warm and welcoming crowd with open hearts. The music is eclectic and inspirational so wear comfortable clothes to move/dance. As your body moves your spirit soars! At the end of the musical journey, a powerful and beautiful stillness arises. There is time for sharing at the end. Adults of all ages are welcome!

















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