Douglas Bischoff

Douglas Bischoff has toured the United States and abroad as a multi-instrumentalist for over a decade. He is best known for his energetic guitar, bagpipe, and didgeridoo performances with Celtic Rock headliner "Coyote Run." Doug weaves the hypnotic drone of the didgeridoo with driving rhythms that echo the pulse of life, creating a soundscape that transports the listener. His infectious humor and upbeat performances have captivated audiences for years, and the deep honesty of his musical expression has made his performances unforgettable.

How to Play the Didgeridoo

Learn the history and the basics of playing one of the oldest instruments in the world: the Didgeridoo. This long, tubular instrument is often identified with the Aboriginal people of Australia. We start with the basic drone, then work our way up through various sounds and rhythms, and finally an introduction to the circular breathing techniques which are so characteristic of the Didgeridoo. Bring your own if you have one, or borrow one of the instructors' instruments in this hands... er, "lips on" workshop!

Introduction to a Modern Dreamtime

The "Dreamtime" of the Australian Aboriginals belongs to them... but the concepts of the Dreamtime are just as relevant to us today as they were 40,000 years ago at the dawn of Australian history. Explore the basic ideas of Dreamtime and learn about Dreamtime Meditation, aided by the sounds of the Didgeridoo.

















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