Heather Bischoff

Heather Bischoff has been working in health care (specifically with the elderly) as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CAN) for nearly 12 years. In the last 2, she has worked with patients at Hospice House of Williamsburg in their last hours, days and sometimes weeks of life. She began her spiritual journey when she was 14 as a means of 'finding her own purpose' in a very unsettled environment. At 16 she had her own brush with death, and was fortunate enough to come back and work on finishing out this life. She is an Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church, and she has found ways that Native American Animal Medicine, Hindu beliefs, Paganism and even some Catholic beliefs work into and make sense in her life. It has helped her to help others make the necessary journey along their own path, up to the very point of crossing over. A graduate of Mercyhurst College with a degree in the History of Costume and Dress, she is a seamstress, doll maker and costume designer. She is also a self-published author (as Heather E. Hutsell) of several novels including By Blood, by Moon and The Labyrinth of Empty ranging from absurdist fiction to romantic horror.

Flights of Passage - The Spiritual Aspects of End-of-Life

Heather, companion with and advocate of Hospice, Palliative and end-of-life care, will discuss methods of meditation useful in cleansing the soul's "baggage" energy to put it to positive use. These meditations are helpful in easing fears and reducing unnecessary spiritual struggle during this highly sacred time that someday we will all be faced with. All ages welcome and highly encouraged, as it is never too early to live peacefully within.

















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