Chrissie and Garrett

Chrissie and Garrett are innovators on the cutting edge of cirque style entertainment, mixing fire dance, acrobatics and aerial arts together with theatrical performance. Both are independent performers as well as coordinators of the Detroit Fire Guild (DFG) and are owners of the performance troupe Dakini. They teach acrobalance at the Detroit Academy of Kinesthetic Arts (The DAKA) and lead acro workshops across the country. Garrett has been free-running for nine years and performing since 2005. As founder of the The DAKA, he is a community leader unifying Detroit's performers into a community on the forefront of Detroit's art revolution. Chrissie has been a multifaceted circus performer for four years and has been teaching for three. With a childhood background in Ballet, Hip Hop and Jazz she has tailored her performance style into a dynamic mix of modern dance and technical geometric shapes. She is an owner and choreographer of the DFG and produces her own circus events.

Basics of Acrobalance

Acrobatic Balance (acro for short) is a combination of yoga, strength training and monkeying around wherein one partner balances on the other in a series of therapeutic poses. This practice alines the spine and provides a deeper stretch then in traditional yoga. It is a technique that requires careful communication and intentional connection with a partner, connecting people together in a whole new way. Prepare to build confidence, strength, playfulness and mutual trust as both your body and mind become more flexible!

Fire Dance 101: Finding Your Flow within Sacred Geometry

This class will go over the basics of object manipulation so that you may pick up any toy and understand the body mechanics behind the movement. We will cover basic poi, hoop and staff so that you can unlock the mystery behind fire dance and find your individual flow! We will cover the importance of plains, same time/split time patterns, and the theory that makes fire dance so beautiful. Extra practice poi, staff and hoops will be provided but bring your own if you have them!

Fire Eating and Fleshing

Most people associate fire with pain, but when utilized properly one can overcome their fear and find the element of fire can be a very empowering form of expression. This workshop will cover how to play with fire without getting burned! We will play with the element and cover fleshing (dragging fire over the body), transfers (dragging small amounts of fuel across the body then lighting it), and basic fire eating. This workshop is perfect for beginners to become comfortable with fire in a very controlled setting!

Fire Safety

To keep your festival community safe we offer this fire safety class. You can rest assured that anyone spinning fire at your event will have the proper training to entertain and play in a safe, controlled environment. This class goes over fire safety protocol as endorsed by the National Fire Arts Association, with an in depth look at the proper way to extinguish a fire prop and clothing, crowd control techniques, how to safely set up a fuel depot, prepare safety equipment, costuming, types of fuel and the importance of sobriety when spinning. If you would like to fire dance you must attend this workshop (which will be offered more than once) to get a bracelet which will allow you to fire dance in the established fire dancing zone. There is no fire dancing allowed outside of the fire dancing zone. All the details will be available at these scheduled workshops.

















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