Maegdlyn Morris

Maegdlyn Morris is a long-time member of the pagan community. She has been practicing polyamory with her husband Gregory Morris for 23 years, and is currently completing her degree in counseling with a concentration in Human Sexuality. Having lived for twenty years as a Scarlet woman, she is well-versed in the arts of spiritual libertinage and consorting with spirits both embodied and otherwise. Her merry band of musicians, artists, fire spinners and fortune tellers walks among us, always seeking to find new and interesting ways to trip the light fantastic. She is a practitioner of the left-handed path and New Orleans style spiritual voodoo, and has spent the last fifteen years in Cincinnati with her husband and tribe, circumventing the cultural paradigm.

Polyamory Meet and Greet

A discussion group for people singles and couples who are interested in meeting others of like mind. Polyamory is the practice of maintaining more than one relationship based on mutual respect trust and love. It is not swinging, partner swapping or "Hooking up", but a complete philosophy of relationships requiring maturity, openness and a willingness to explore the nature of love, commitment, jealousy and personal boundaries.

















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