Taliesin Govannon

Taliesin Govannon has been a student of the occult for over 25 years, studying a potpourri of topics ranging from hauntings and poltergeists to UFOs, demonology, tarot, ceremonial magick and beyond. He has followed the path of Witchcraft for the past 20 years, partaking in everything from solitary practice to Celtic Traditional Craft; as well as leading a myriad of eclectic open circles along the way. He's a dedicated humorist, author of the now-infamous original set of redneck Pagan jokes, as well as former humor-columnist for "The Witches Brew" magazine. Taliesin is the Writer/Director/Producer of "Dark of Moon", the first film made with 100% realistic Pagan/Wiccan characters. He's currently promoting that film, and working to obtain financing for his next film. govannon.jpg

Pagans And The Media

Pagans have had a love/hate relationship with pop culture from the beginning. Love, in that many of us first heard of Paganism through some form of mass media (books, magazines, documentaries, websites)... and hate, because so many Hollywood movies/TV show almost always get it wrong when it comes to representing us. In this workshop, Taliesin will look at the history of Pagan involvement in the media, and will look at ways we can conqueor this last frontier, the feature film, in a way that helps and doesn't hinder.

The Political Pagan

Once upon a time, it was a safe bet that the vast majority of people you met in American Paganism were of similar political leanings... sometimes to the left, sometimes to the far left. However, with the expansion of Paganism further and further into the American mainstream, many more types and varieties of political beliefs have Pagans within them. In election years, these differences come out more than ever. In this spirited discussion, Taliesin looks at the history of Pagan political involvement, and will lead a discussion on the ways that Pagans can positively impact their communities.

















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