David Eisenstein

David "Klaus" Eisenstein has been a practicing pagan for the past five years, and the membership coordinator for ADF Stone Creed Grove for the past three years. He has been in recovery from alcohol for five years, and has been the Assistant Secretary, Secretary and Assistant General Service Representative of his AA home group over the past four years. As the Secretary of his home group, he is quite familiar with facilitating AA meetings. He believes that his previous positions in his AA home group, his service to his Druid grove, and his general knowledge of the trials and tribulations associated with festival culture make him an ideal person to run the Starwood Recovery Fire.

The Starwood Recovery Fire

The Starwood Recovery Fire is a place where men and women with substance abuse issues can feel free to talk to fellow alcoholics/addicts in a safe environment. The workshop slot will consist of a daily set time where we can meet to discuss not only sobriety and serenity threatening issues of the day, but also can discuss ways in which members of alternative lifestyles/faiths have been able to incorporate the 12 Steps of Recovery into their lives while maintaining their individuality.

















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