Jason Gazda

Jason Gazda has been making, playing and teaching didgeridoo since 1992, and has been a part of the Starwood didge community for as long as there has been one. He has developed a laid-back approach to teaching playing skills while maintaining a peculiar but open intensity. Having taught well over a thousand pupils over the years has given him a keen ear and eye for what the individual needs to progress on their didge journey. Jason has played with an amazing array of instruments and performers as well as doing small releases of his own didge and meditation music. He is known for developing and popularizing the Whale Song method of getting all levels of players and differently keyed instruments to play well together as a cohesive "pod". He finds his home when playing didge with others all night around a toasty fire.

Advanced Didge and Whale Song Playing

Circular breathing techniques and rhythm incorporation will be the focus of the first half of this workshop. The second half will be our group of didge players creating the ambient all-in space of Whale Song. Whale song is about creating a musical continuum within which all of us can play, no matter the experience of the didge player or the key of the didge they are playing. It's fun, relaxing, and a great way to understand and play with other didgers.

Didgeridoo Basics

A simple approach to all the basic skills you will need to start playing your didge. Topics covered will include basic drone technique, vocals and overtones. We will also have some discussion on etiquette, different types of didges, playing styles etc. Depending on the number of players and development in the class, we may end our time together with a round of Whale Song to help prepare for the follow-up workshop.

















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