Alan Salmi

Alan Salmi is an initiate of The Hermetic Order of Chicago, an NLP Master Practitioner, a professional hypnotherapist, astrologer and licensed clinical social worker. He has Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from the University of Michigan and a bunch of certificates from workshops and trainings that he's always going to. He has been coming to Starwood festival enough times to lose count. In his spare time he trains in mixed martial arts, reads a lot and tries to remember who he REALLY is. He can be emailed at

Entering the Silence

Are you REALLY that voice in your head? Have you tried meditation to get rid of it or make it go away and it hasn't worked so well? Interested in turning it off briefly with a physical method almost guaranteed to work? Bring a blanket to lie on and learn a powerful tool to turn off that inner dialog developed by the late Robert Masters, Ph.D. the famous LSD researcher! (This workshop is back by popular demand!)

How to Survive the Hospital

Whether you are a coven or group leader or just a friend, someone you know (or maybe you!) is going to end up in the hospital. Hospitals have their own culture and language. Come learn what the first question is you should ask your doctor, how to scare the administration (if you need to) and why a Living Will isn't as good as a Power of Attorney for Healthcare. There should be time for questions and answers.

The Experience of Self

"Know Thyself" has always been one of the mottos of the wise, but what is The Self? We’ll discuss our Self concept, our experience of the Self from different perspectives including psychology, spirituality and the new science of Neurolinguistic Programming. Included will be an exercise from an English Mystic that actually allows you to experience the sense of Self that the ancient texts talk about: Emptiness and Fullness at the same time! Come prepared to decapitate yourself!

















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