Christian Hartman

Christian Hartman has been performing in Tribal Music/Dance troupes since Spring of 2004. His current group, Mayan Ruins performs with Tribal & Traditional Belly Dancers as well as hosting workshops with Zahara, who teaches in the SW Ohio & Northern Kentucky region, also performing with her regularly at Covington KY & Louisville KY Pagan Pride Days. Christian is also a certified Yoga teacher specializing in Yin Yoga.

Aleister Crowleys Taoism

666 was heavily influenced by Chinese Philosophy & Magick; he wrote paraphrased versions of Taoist classics as well as the I Ching (he was one the earliest Westerners to use it as a magickal oracular text). His 'translations', as well as comments about Tao Te Ching & other works, will be sampled & discussed as well as their relation to Crowley's own magickal philosophy.

The Magickal Connection between Dancers and Drummers

Christian Hartman (with Molly Wyldfyre) present methods for strengthening the communication between dancers & drummers in improvisational performance and informal (e.g.: around the FIRE!) situations. Drummers & Dancers of all styles & levels of experience welcome! (note to drummers: if you need a chair/stool to play, please bring it along).

















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