sade wolfkitten

sade wolfkitten has been a student of all aspects of life on (and with) Mother Earth for over thirty years. Her disciplines include astrology, Goddess worship, Earth-based religions, yoga, Eastern philosophy and ritual theater. sade has presented workshops at Starwood, Winterstar, ConVocation, Walking the Thresholds and more. As a Starwood organizer, she developed Kid Village programming for pre-teens, and was the host and producer of the pagan radio show "Spirit of the Earth" on WCSB from 1993 - 1997. She coined the term glamourbomb, and was part of the small online group that developed the concept. In recent years, she has been leading regular seasonal meditations and organizing small community gatherings in the Tremont district of Cleveland's west side. She also works as a technical designer for convergence-continuum theater, and with the band Morticia's Chair.

Don't Dream It, Be It: Performance Art as a Majikal Act

Once upon a time, the art of the performer, the storyteller, and the shaman were all virtually the same art; and though each has gone on to carve out their own role in the world, they have never strayed as far from one another as some might think. We will take a look first at the origins and historical connections between performance and ritual, then move on to a discussion of what each can still bring to the other. We will focus on ways of incorporating theatrical technique into one's majikal practice, and how theater (particularly street theater) can have an impact on the world around us. Participants should be prepared to interact, move and speak with the whole group. There will be an informal networking session TBD afterwards.

Healing the Imajica: A Guided Journey into a Consciously Created Future

sade wolfkitten has been leading private seasonal guided meditations on the near west side of Cleveland since 2009. Her previous work in radio and theater have helped hone her skills at taking people on a journey to the lands Within. At this pivotal point in humanity's evolution, let us join together in consciously envisioning a future we truly WANT to inhabit.

















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