Fiahlna Hearth

Fiahlna Hearth has been practicing a path of hearth-magick since 1995. She has been a member of O.L.O.W. Norse Wiccan Community Church since 1998. She obtained her Third Degree H.P.S. through O.L.O.W. in October of 2000. Currently, she is the Church Counselor for O.L.O.W., and is attending Marshall University seeking a degree in Sociology with minors in Religious Studies, Art History, and Psychology. She was a volunteer, event staff person, presenter, event photographer, and Secretary for the Pagan Community Counsel of Ohio for various lengths of time during 1999 to 2004. She has presented workshops and performed public rituals for the O.L.O.W., Pagan Community Council of Ohio, and Starwood XXXI. She is Vice President of the Huntington Unitarian Fellowship and co-manager of the Secret Garden Party sustainability project for the Huntington Unitarian Fellowship. She volunteers her h.p.s. services to the pagan community for spiritual "house-cleanings", rites of passage, handfastings (non-legally binding), and spiritual counsel.

Free Association

A very fun and hands-on workshop where people are encouraged to learn or further hone their use of free association. Free association can be used by allowing your stream of consciousness to just spill onto a page. People often determine that the writings or drawings are gifts or guidance from spirit guides, archetypes, and/or your higher self. A few group exercises of using pencil and paper will prime participants to be comfortable enough to try their hand at free association. Everyone is encouraged to share what they have if they so wish. Free association is great for uses of divination, a meditation tool, and for breaking creative blocks.

Gardening for Magick, Medicine, Decoration, and Food!

This workshop is a presentation and conversation about ways to garden organically. The presentation will cover how to plant by the signs, square foot gardening, vertical gardening, companion planting, and how to compost. We will also cover how to start a community garden, how to get seeds, and the various stages of the growing cycle. We will discuss how to take things from seed to harvest, and how to store and ways to operate a magickal garden in conjunction with your house and kitchen. Gardeners of any experience level are encouraged to come and share their experiences. A blessing will be made over all thumbs that they may be green ever after...

Politics, Pagans, Christians, Tolerance, and Intolerance

A facilitated discussion regarding the hostile political climate of this election year. The issues that we are facing are those of inequality, discrimination, income disparity, denial of access to health care, environmental devastation by fracking, and a GOP presidential candidate platform that unabashedly challenges the social progress of women, denying the right to marry to the LGBTQ community, and the founding principle of the separation of church and state. Come and discuss how this political climate effects your life, lifestyle, and beliefs. Share your sentiments regarding the Change we were supposed to be able to believe in. Bring your tough skin and your radical views... you know that when we are talking about politics we are likely to step on some toes. Radical views are welcome, intolerance is not welcome.

















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