Becky Shank

Becky Shank (AKA Pooky - The NORML Lady) been living as a mundane for over 30 years, and is looking forward to coming home. After her eldest child's diagnosis of epilepsy, and several years of dealing with modern medicine's attempt to manage the condition, she started researching and learning about alternative treatments. Becky describes herself as "One pissed-off Mom." Now that her youngest child is over 18, she has quite a lot to say. For the past 6 years she has been a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. She has served as a moderator and occasional contributor to NORML Show Live with Russ Belville. She currently serves as the Vice President of Ohio NORML and Treasurer for Cleveland NORML.

How to Survive an Encounter with Law Enforcement

What should you do, and not do, when you must interact with the Authorities? What are the current laws concerning probable cause, Miranda rights, search & seizure, right to an attorney, and other issues. When should you pipe up, and when should you shut up? How can you protect your rights if you donít know what they are? Know your rights and how to use them.

















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