Michael Lloyd

Michael Lloyd is an engineer and writer. A 3rd degree initiate of the Minoan Brotherhood, Lloyd is the biographer of the founder of that tradition and author of Bull of Heaven: The Mythic Life of Eddie Buczynski and the Rise of the New York Pagan (in production). A firm believer in community service throughout his adult life, Michael has held volunteer positions that span the gamut from community radio to organic certification, neighborhood activism to queer youth services. He is a co-founder and former co-facilitator (2002-2011) of the Between the Worlds Men's Gathering, an annual spiritual retreat for men who love men. A long-time resident of Columbus, Ohio, Michael was named in the 2011 Who's Who of GLBT Columbus. He was interviewed for the most recent revision to Margot Adler's seminal work, Drawing Down the Moon (Penguin, 2006); and was the author of "Chapter 2, The History of Oils" in Lady Rhea's The Enchanted Formulary (Citadel, 2006). He has taught workshops at Pagan Spirit Gathering, Winterstar, Circle Sanctuary, and the Between the Worlds Men's Gathering.

Bull of Heaven: An Introduction to the Minoan Brotherhood

The Minoan Brotherhood is a men's initiatory Witchcraft Tradition founded in 1977 by Eddie Buczynski, a Gardnerian and Welsh elder and Classical scholar. Its emphasis is to create a safe and sacred space for gay and bisexual men in which to work Witchcraft. Michael Lloyd will use his extensive research of Eddie Buczynski's life and times to provide some insight into the societal forces that drove Buczynski to create the Minoan Brotherhood, and will provide an elementary understanding of this men's tradition.

The Mask of Ecstasy: Classical and Modern Dionysos Worship

These days He is confined to limited roles as a vegetation God, a God of wine, a party animal - but Dionysos is so much more. Come to this workshop and learn the history of the God of the vine and the fig tree.

















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