Laurelei Black

Laurelei Black is best known for her writing on Aphrodite and the contemporary priestesshood and cultoi in honor of this Goddess. She has written two non-fiction books along those lines, Aphrodite's Priestess and Cult of Aphrodite: Festivals and Rites of the Golden One (though Asteria Books), and an historical fiction novel, and was the editor (and one of the contributors) for an anthology of poetry and art in honor of Aphrodite. She is also the co-founder, with Natalie Black, of the American Folkloric Witchcraft Tradition and is gaining notoriety as a traditional witchcraft author and speaker.

Aphrodite's Sacraments

Our bodies are manifestations of the Divine; our sexuality is a microcosm of the primal forces that sustain the universe. Laughter, touch, grace and beauty are all among the gifts that Shapely Aphrodite encourages us to share amongst each other. In a revolving circle we will bestow the gifts of Aphrodite upon one another, each participant acting as priest or priestess for the others. Please come with a willingness both to be a channel of Deity for others, and to meet Deity as channeled through others.

Mythic Role Play

The archetypes represented by Aphrodite and Her lovers, rivals, friends and children can have a powerfully transformative power in our lives. Laurelei Black, priestess of Aphrodite, will demonstrate how to access these archetypes through deep play, evocation, and improvised ritual drama. Participants will experience at least two mythic encounters in which they express the Gods, Goddesses, heroes and villains within.

















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