Natalie Black

Natalie Black has been involved in Paganism for 20 years and is initiated in several traditions of witchcraft, including a 3rd Degree in the Gardnerian tradition. With her partner, Laurelei Black, she is one of the founders of the Spiral Castle Tradition, and writes about it at her blog American Folkloric Witchcraft. Natalie lives in southern Indiana with her partner Laurelei and their many familiars, both corporeal and incorporeal.

Magic and Sacrifice

Without sacrifice there can be no magic! Traditional witches do not hold to any "Law of Threefold Return", nor do they believe in the maxim "Harm None", but there is always a price to be paid for magic, no matter how small or how benevolent. Learn about the real price of magic and how to determine the sacrifice required for any spell prior to casting it through the use of the Witch's Bowl.

Witchcraft Familiars

The familiar is the companion and personal spirit of the witch. It is any creature that regularly helps a witch with her Craft. A familiar can be corporeal (existing in flesh and blood in this realm) or incorporeal (a spirit or astral body). Familiars can be plant, animal, mineral, demonic, angelic, or even the dead! In this class you will learn about the history of familiars, and how to attract and bond with familiars in a Traditional Witchcraft setting.

















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