Heather Sprouse

Heather Sprouse was born in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and raised with a deep appreciation of the magic alive in this region. Through years of environmental and social justice advocacy work in West Virginia and firsthand experience with issues of oppression and injustice inherent to Appalachia, she has aided in the development of tools for empowerment that encourage healing relationships with one's body, friends, partners, community and the natural world. Now a graduate student studying Sociology at Marshall University, she has spent the last year living and working with an intentional community of UU Spiritualists in Huntington, WV and is conducting research that explores experiences of the "self" and how this relates to community.

Journal Writing as Magical Method

Journaling can be an incredible tool for self exploration, will manifestation and healing work. This workshop will focus on practical skills for creating a powerful relationship with both writing and one's self, and will offer suggestions for methods of how to use journal writing in spell work. Examples of various types of journaling will be discussed. Participants are invited to share their experiences working with the written word as magical method. Come prepared to write!

Self Exploration: Transcendence in the Fire Circle

The fire circle is a timelessly crafted safe space to explore experiences of the self and divinity. We will investigate this awe-inspiring event through a facilitated discussion in which participants will be invited to share their experiences of trance, drums and dance within the sacred circle, and to develop questions about transcendence, group mind and individual will. We will play with ideas about the kind of social phenomena that is created when ritual, chaos and play intersect.

















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