Deep Rapport Workshop / Group Mind Ritual

Presented by Philip H. Farber.

The human organism is built to share feelings and to empathize with other humans. Most of the time, however, our ability to resonate with others on a deep level comes somewhat randomly and haphazardly. Phil Farber will present a series of interactive exercises to explore what kinds of things bring us into deeper and more enjoyable states of rapport. Experience it for yourself! The workshop will culminate with a Group Mind Ritual which can demonstrate some of the stranger phenomena associated with deep rapport. Did you know that it's possible to think with a mind other than your own? Whenever two or more humans join together, there is an interaction on an unconscious level that often influences and guides the flow of the group. When a group is brought together with attention to rapport, the Group Mind can be brought to the surface, explored, and communicated with in very direct ways. Join us for a practical and experiential session, sharing rapport and chatting with our own Group Mind!

















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