Drug War Debate 101 - A Hands-On Marijuana Debate Prep Session

Presented by Russ Belville.

With recent polls showing more Americans in support of marijuana legalization, the issue is up for discussion in every corner of American life. From the op-ed pages of the newspaper to the talking heads on TV, activists are forced to confront some of the pernicious lies and misdirections employed by prohibitionists to muddy the debate and scare undecided voters. NORML Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville, fresh from his debate with former White House Drug Warrior Dr. Kevin Sabet, leads this interactive session designed to cut right to the heart of the most common drug warrior talking points. Learn how to quickly and effectively eviscerate the "Gateway Theory", "What About the Children?!?", "Stoned Mayhem on the Freeways!", "Why Would We Want to Add Another Drug?", "Treatment, Not Incarceration", and many more.

















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