Fans, Flowing and Focus, Oh My!

Presented by Molly Wyldfyre.

Dancing with fans is an ancient art found in many cultures, especially in the East, Middle-East and among the Native Americans. It can add balance, grace and a beautiful extension of expression to a dancer's field of movement, and provide an amazing compliment to fire dancing. With the help of Christian Hartman, we will get in touch with our bodies in this fast-paced class, which will add fans into your daily movement mix to help build muscle and create greater range of motion, as well as concentrate on flow and focus. This class will include yoga warm up, basic movements of Belly Dance, working with fans and props, finding inner flow to create unique movements and more. Please bring yoga mat, water, pen/paper, and fans (or other props if time permits); but this is mainly a fans-based practice that you can take with you into your daily life.

















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